Welcome to Heritage Park Village

        Reynolds Chapel and Burnsed Block House

A unique repository of community history showcasing the lives and traditions of generations of residents of
Baker County, Florida.

              Fraser Store Museum in Old Darbyville

Baker County, established in 1883 in northeast Florida is an area of rich history and colorful traditions. Many of the county's current residents are direct descendants of the pioneering families that settled here in the 1800s. The legacy of those families and the pioneer spirit and traditions they have passed down is today lovingly preserved in the county's history repository known as Heritage Park Village.

Come and leisurely stroll along a horseshoe-shaped cement path that winds past numerous mini museums. Each museum showcases exhibits highlighting this unique slice of Florida community history including the county's fascinating moonshine era. In the beautifully restored Burnsed Blockhouse, the last of its kind remaining in the state of Florida, get an up close look at the architecture of early pioneer life. Note the rough, hand-hewn timbers, rambling outdoor porches and detached country kitchen with its chimney constructed of moss and mud.

Enjoy a picnic in one of several covered pavilions or relax in the gazebo of the beautifully landscaped Serenity Garden where wind chimes high in the tree branches fill the air with peaceful harmonious tones. There's even a small replica of the Statue of Liberty to greet you as you enter. Come and have fun! We are glad you've chosen to visit our park and share in our unique heritage.

Fall Festival 2012
                 The best ever!

Cane syrup made by native Baker County resident Bennie Joe Bennett was a popular item for sale during the festival. Visitors could also buy goat's milk, Christmas trees, hand crafted wood furniture, smoked meat, homemade fruit cake and delicious honey from local bees. 

Visitors watch as the boiling syrup reaches "hominy flop" stage when it nears completion and ready for skimming off foam before being distilled into glass bottles.

Special guest Smokey the Bear stopped often for photos with kids as he made the rounds during festivities. In the background are some of the vintage automobiles displayed as part of the grand opening of the park village's brand new Moonshine Garage Museum.

Just one of the lighted Christmas displays throughout the park during the month of December. 

Make Christmas lights at Heritage Park Village an annual tradition.

Heritage Park Village will be open each evening through December until 10 pm for visitors and families to stroll and enjoy the decorations. The grounds should also be accessible during the day on weekends during the month as well. For more information call the park village office 259-7275 weekdays or call City Hall at 259-6261.

The Moonshine Legacy

By Heritage Park Village volunteer director Laviece Smallwood Moser
is on sale now in the Heritage Park Village office.
Volume Six of the ever popular Once Upon A Time In Baker County series, this newly revised and updated version chronicles the evolution of moonshine industry in Baker County during the 1950s-60s.
Filled with photos and testimonies of the men and women who lived through this remarkable era of North Florida history, The Moonshine Legacy makes a significant addition to any library. Also available is the county's 150th anniversary history and cookbook First You Kill The Hawg.

Gentle reminders

There is no smoking in Heritage Park Village.  Alcohol, firearms, pets and bicycles are not allowed on the grounds.

Heritage Park Village is not a playground.

We respectfully ask that parents supervise their children at all times.

Please do not climb on statues, vehicles or in trees, leap from porches and stages or relocate chairs or benches. 
Thank you.