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Moonshine Museum and Garage

* This exhibit is undergoing an upgade! The grand opening will take place on November 17 during the 2012 Heritage Park Village Fall Festival.

The Moonshine Museum and Garage will highlight the local moonshine industry and its history, including equipment used by local mechanics who created the "souped up" getaway cars that could easily exceed 100 MPH - necessary to get away from law enforcement and revenuers.

At one time, law enforcement viewed Baker County as "the moonshine capitol of the world."

In the upgraded display, The story of the Baker County moonshine industry will be told through photographs and documented first hand accounts by actual area moonshiners and their descendants. The illegal whiskey was often made by poor tenant farmers who tended to be uneducated, often lacking the skills for higher paying employment. For many, it was the ONLY source of money and provided families much needed shoes, clothes and food.

The Moonshine garage also houses an antique wood wagon and a horse buggy, both used in the past by Baker County families.